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A quest for the Tso Moriri

The blue lake is arranged about 4400m above from the ocean level and the bright sights of nature around it. The Tso Moriri is arranged around 200 km away from Ley. In Tibetian language, Tso signifies ‘lake ‘. From here there are 70 kms to the limit of China. To visit Tso Moriri we need to take internal line grant from Ley. The guests are less in light of the fact that it isn’t that much celebrated as Pangong.Tso Moriri

The lake is having 19 kms length. The lake and its environment will make brilliant enchantment at the season of clear atmosphere. We should see the shine when the daylight is coming to the water of dull blue. In the daytime, tolerably hot and the breeze will be there and around evening time it will be cool. In July month likewise the temperature will be underneath 3 degrees. The offices are accessible for the homestay and camp

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