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Story: Nayana was cheated by her imminent fiancee, yet when he does likewise to a dear companion, she concludes that’s the last straw

Audit: The least you can expect in a Boban Samuel film is to have a couple of chuckles, regardless of whether the plot may be somewhat mind boggling. The chief wanderers into a genuine region with Al Mallu, which is set in the Middle East, however with not incredible outcomes.

Namitha Pramod plays Nayana, who is a supervisor lady at a firm. A Casanova-type named Tom, played by Anoop, has his eyes on her, and keeping in mind that she opposes from the start, the family gets included and she consents to the match. In any case, Tom is planning something sinister and in the wake of giving a stunt a shot her, she severs and separates. It is only the start of a weakly scripted plot, however.

She returns to work and is covertly upheld on her feet by new partner, Sreekumar, played by an extremely, wooden Fariz; he scarcely figures out how to start grinning, not to mention show some other feeling on screen.

The film is just 128 minutes, yet feels ceaseless. While Namitha Pramod plays the focal character and has done as such easily in prior movies, she appears without her standard vitality right now. Miya has pretty much 10 minutes of screen time, yet she is her typical energetic self. Dharmajan and Siddique show their experience on screen and are alright in their parts.

The music by Ranjin Raj isn’t terrible. It’s not satisfactory why the film is set in the Middle East, however. Is it to show the depression of youthful grown-ups there?

The film attempts to give an exercise on profound quality and the various eyes through which men are ladies are seen on the ethical range, however the plot is strewn with superfluous stories and needs center.


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