The benefits of cabbage juice, did anyone is having idea about cabbage juice ?

We have heard carrot and beetroot juices. But did anyone is having idea about cabbage juice ? To improve the health and immunity it can be used. This juice is good for those who want to avoid health problems.

The fibre ,beta keratin,vitamin,calcium,iodine,magnesium and iron can be provided by the cabbage. To reduce weight also this cabbage is used. The fibre content in this cabbage will help to reduce obesity. It helps to remove waste products and food digestion. In cabbage calorie was less.

The isocyanites in green cabbage can able to prevent breast ,prostate,intestine and colon cancers. The cancer patients will cure easily if they eat cabbage. The stomach discomfort also treated with the cabbage juice.
This juice is helpful to treat ulcers by strengthening internal organs. In cabbage juice folic acid is more. But this juice can be drunk in limited amount

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