By the intake of ladies finger the freshness will be increased

Ladies finger contain many benefits. It will maintain the health also with that many diseases can be cured. Fibre , vitamin A, vitamin C , vitamin K, vitamin K1, vitamin B6, magnesium, beta carotene like many nutrients are present in the ladies finger. The ladies finger contain fibres in it and this will help to get relief from digestion related problems. For the maintenance of skin also ladies finger is good. For the treatment of skin diseases also ladies finger can be used. The vitamin C present in the ladies finger will enhances the immune system and in turn will increase the antibody production in the body. The ladies finger is rich with the vitamins and minerals which are essential for the health of the bones and the body. Antioxidants like beta carotene, senthene, and lutiens are present in it and this will increases the vision power. The ladies finger will help to reduce blood pressure and prevents the heart from overload. But the scientist had said that the oxalates present in the ladies finger will leads to the kidney stone like diseases. The tasty curry which can be made with ladies finger
ladies finger masala

The persons who did not like the ladies finger should try this once. Then they will become the fan of ladies finger. The contents to be added

Ladies finger – 1 kg
Turmeric powder- 1 teaspoon
Chilly powder- 1 teaspoon
Green chilly- 4
Coriander powder-2 teaspoon
Salt – needed amount
oil- 120g
Method of preparation
The ladies finger should be cut into small pieces. The green chilly should be washed and cut into small pieces. When the pan become hot then add oil to it and after that add the pieces of ladies finger, green chilly, turmeric powder ,coriander powder, chilly powder and salt are added and mix it well and it should be kept as closed and in a light flame it should be cooked for half an hour and after that take it from the stove and use this in a slightly hot

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