Cause of cold spread

Common cold is the fastest growing infection commonly know by humans. The infections cause ed by the stomach are more common in children, and the infection may range from 8 to 12 times a day for children. Figures indicates that adults. May how two to eight times the disease. It is easy to grow in the elderly. An infection can last for one and a week. Children who are learning this cause great difficulty. The infection is the first virus to detect viruses the 1950. Cold or common cold is commonly found in cold winters. Signs are symptoms of fever, headache, and symptoms. The virus is caused by a sap from the nose of the infected people to spread to other. Symptoms begin within two days. Coldness lasts for one week or ten days. Symptoms of fatigue, headaches, fever are symptoms of this. It can be early spread to others as children study and work for people with immune and other respiratory diseases, pneumonia and bronchitis are not only available from diseases but also the tools they use to control the eyes, nose and mouth after the chair, the table and the rest of our hands rhino virus invitation

This disease does not have specific medications or vaccination. Because of this virus, there are about 200 strains of vanuatu, the highest among which is 3080% of the rhino virus. There are about 99 sub division of this rhino virus. So every times it occurs, the can be a lot of stresses. Vaccination is not effective in cold drinking for these reasons. Means of infestation. One of the most important things is to wash you hands, reduced contact with cold water, and face masks, because of the lack of special medications, the drugs are enough to reduce the difficulties involved.
Headaches, body pain, fever, etc. Aspirin Ibuprofen etc. The tablets provide relief for rest and drinking, drinking water and fatigue.

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