For the health of eyes

For the health of eyes

Many people are suffering with the different problems of the eyes. The main problem is less vision. But if we care about few things can able to escape from these problems. There are main 8 things should be noted.
Drink more water. The dehydration can cause for the eyes. So more water will help for the good health of the eyes. Daily drink minimum 8 to 9 glasses of water.

Those who are continuously working infront of the computer should give rest for the eyes. Change the sight from computer screen in between. For this follow 20-20 rule.

Every 20 minutes take your eyes from the screen and see for 20 feet distance for 20 seconds.

Because of nutritional balance also the eyes can be affected. To avoid this eat more fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants in it is necessary for the eyes.

Use sunglasses if the strength of sunlight is more. This will avoid the ultraviolet rays to reach the eyes directly. The UV rays will harm the eyes.

The sweet potato is good for the eyes. It is rich with the vitamin E and beta carotene. It also solves heart diseases.
By eating dry fruits can increase the power of vision. Soak 6 -10 almonds,15 dry grapes and 2 fig fruits at night. Next day morning eat this in empty stomach. The fibres and vitamins in it improves the digestion and removes the chemicals from the body. It will helps to prevent the eye problems.

Drinking one cup of carrot and amla juice in empty stomach is good to improve the vision. Because it is rich with the vitamin A and antioxidants.

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