Jaundice in newborn babies

ellow fever is the natural color of the eyes and the skin. This is due to the special pigment of blood bilirubin.

This is common in newborn babies. How to prevent yellow eyes from newborn babies In the first days of pregnancy, the liver is filtered from the blood of the liver and filters the bilirubin. After the birth, this process takes the baby’s liver.

What can we do to stop the jaundice of the newborn? It’s easy to stop the yellow baby in the newborn.
This can be easily prevented if there is a proper type of nursing care and medical help.

Try to keep the baby out of time without having time for the baby, take care of yourself during your pregnancy, relax well, avoid feeling tired. Eat fruits and drink well water.

Check the blood of the mother’s mother and the Rh factor in the blood of the infant. Rh factor is an enzyme that is on top of small blood vessels.

Amma is a Rh positive and is Rh Rh positive. Mother’s antibodies are possible to fight the Rh factor in the baby.

The mother should treat Rh immunoglobulin to prevent the disease of yellow fever.

Be nourished immediately after breeding Breastfeeding can be initiated within the first few hours after birth and at regular intervals.

This will prevent the dehydration of the baby. So it’s best to have breast milk.

If the newborn babies get hot yellow, they will not change the jaundice.
Sunlight has no role in preventing or preventing jaundice from newborn babies.

If the newborn baby is affected by the yellow fever Do not panic if the newborn baby is affected by the yellow one.

Suppose this is natural. However, check your baby with a baby pulmonologist. Drink properly. Make sure that the disease has completely changed.

Follow the instructions and instructions. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will see a change in the skin of the baby. Within a few days, the baby will get a natural color back.

In any case, do not treat your own if your child feels like a difference in your skin or pigment. Approach the doctor as quickly as possible.

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