Know about the toxicity present in the grains

Rice and wheat are the contents that included in our daily life. But now this contain high amount of adulterant. The malayalees who are approaching other countries for the food items are not aware about the toxicity present in this. But by some simple tricks we can identify the toxic substances present in the rice and other grains. Take some rice in wet hands and rub it. If the colouration happens to the hand and the colour of the rice decreased then you can make sure that it is a coloured rice. Add some lemon juice to the rice and if red colouration occurred then it is a coloured rice. Take some rice grains and place it in the glass and add 5 ml of water to it and shake well. After 5 minutes this should be filtered by using a cloth and to the liquid obtained then add half small spoon full of soybean powder. After five minutes take a red litmus paper and dip in this solution and if the litmus paper changes to blue then it is sure that it contain urea. Take 100 ml water in a glass and add 20 gm salt to it and make a solution and then add wheat to it and the ergot affected wheat grains will flot on the water. Ergot is the fungus which is present in the food items and may cause toxicity. If the wheat contain fungus then the seed coat will be grey or black coloured. It contain a smell of bad fish. If the maidha flour is added with water while making it as damp mass then it is sure that it contain the waste removal of wheat.

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