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There are very few Malayalees who do not know Suchitra. Suchitra Murali was once a leading actress in Hollywood. Although not in the film now, Suchitra had a great performance at the time. He now lives in the United States with his family. The actress has acted in more than fifty films about her beginning as a child actress.
Suchitra made her acting debut in the movie No. 20 Madras Mayil, which co-starred Mohanlal and Mammootty. Later, Suchitra was lucky enough to act as the heroine of many celebrities. Fans and audiences are always on the lookout for the personal lives of movie stars. Actress Suchitra was rumored to be Mohanlal’s wife at the time.
The main reason for that was his name. Mohanlal’s wife’s name was Suchitra, so there were many misconceptions at the time. The actress’ gossip columns were on the front page even in some movie weekly. Actress Suchitra’s birthday was last day. The actress was born on July 22, 1975.
Although he has stayed away from movies, he occasionally shares his pictures and stories with his fans. Suchitra has acted in films like Abhimanyu, Noseless Kingdom, First Marriage, Kashmir and Kasaragod Kadarbhai. The actress was married to Murali. They also have a daughter, Neha. Very happy living happily in America.



Suchitra malayalam actress

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