Sweet Cumin for reducing stomach

The pot belly was a problem for old age in olden days. But today it is a problem of youth too. This problem is common for both the males and females.
Don’t think the pot belly is only a beauty problem it is also a health problem. Because the fat deposition in stomach is more problematic than the deposition of fat in other parts of the body.
Many medications are in market for the prevention of pot belly. It will be danger than good. The best way is to find the natural ways. The sweet cumin is like this one.
The special way of sweet cumin water will helps to reduce the belly fat. Some other items also can be used in this. In this can able to add sweet cumin, turmeric powder,ginger powder,cinnamon powder,lemon juice and honey.
The sweet cumin will reduce the belly fat by strengthening metabolic activity of the body. This cumin will reduce the body temperature and strengthen the digestion. So the belly will be reduced.


The turmeric will reduce the pot belly. The turmeric will remove the body fat too. The toxins from the body can be removed. The presence of curcumin is giving benefit.


The cinnamon is also used to reduce the fat and obesity. It will also increase the body temperature and strengthen the metabolism. For good digestion also it is a good way. So we can reduce the belly.


It is also helps for the reduction of fat and obesity. The gingerols will good affects on body. This will reduce the body temperature and strengthen the digestion.


The lemon will reduce the belly and obesity. The antioxidants will help fir this. The vitamin C is acting as antioxidant. The honey also can reduce the belly fat. The lemon is having lots of vitamin C and citric acid. This all will reduce the body fat. It will burn the fat.

Sweet cumin

Take One table spoon powder, half tea spoon of turmeric powder,ginger powder,1/4 tea spoon cinnamon powder and add to the boiled water. In this lemon and honey will add.


The sweet cumin will give good health for the brain and it strengthen the brain. It can prevent any kind of brain disease. The vision also can be improved especially in diabetes. The glaucoma patients will get benefits of the sweet cumin. The presence of anitol and ciniyol will treat the respiratory diseases. The cough and common cold will be reduced. This a good remedy for the asthma and allergy. The purification of air and blood also done by sweet cumin. The removal of toxins from the blood will occur.

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