The benefits of eating chapati with ghee

Instead of rice people are eating chapati nowadays. This is the habit. The cooked rice will increase the fat and sugar. In other states out of Kerala chapati is the main food. They used to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That means wheat is important than the rice. We can prepare chapati in different ways. It is available in different names also. It is containing many fibres which will help for the digestion. Most of them are having doubt that whether to put ghee or not on the chapati. Many people are liking to put ghee. But they will avoid it because ghee is fat and will cause for increasing the cholesterol. Many people will have doubt about applying ghee on the chapati is good or not. But the studies are telling it is good. There are some reasons.

Let you know about it.
The glycemic index will reduce of we apply ghee on the chapati. We can’t say that the the diabetic causing agent glycemic index will be less in it. It is less when comparing to rice. If we apply ghee in chapati will helps to make the stomach full. So we can reduce the amount of food. To reduce the hungry also it is good.
We can reduce the body fat. It helps for digestion too.

To prevent digestive problem also it is good.
The wheat will digest easily if we eat with the ghee. In night the digestion will be easy. The wheat will give heat for the body. So it will make discomfort during summer.
So the ghee is good for it. It will make the intestine cool. The gas and acid will solved because of this.

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