The benefits of one pinch coriander leaves

The coriander leaves are used to save health and also used for aroma and taste. In these leaves thiamine ,vitamin C,riboflavin,phosphorus,calcium,iron,niacin,sodium,keratin,oxalic acid and potassium are involved. And lots of vitamins and minerals are involved in this. The coriander leaves are used to treat for nose bleeding. Grind 20 gm new coriander leaves with little camphor. This water can pour into the nose and can stop the bleeding. This can be used for digestion and can treat for appetite. To reduce the blood cholesterol level also leaves can be used. More than that it is removing cholesterol from the arteries and veins thereby the chances of getting heart attack can be reduced.

In coriander leaves antioxidants,antimicrobial,acids and the factors to resist infection is there. The iron content and vitamin C can increase the immunity. The diseases of retina of the eyes, other eye related problems and the discomfort related to eyes are treated with coriander leaves.

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