The benefits of unripe mango

The mango season is going to come. Now itself the mango trees are started to blossom. When the small mangoes are forming we will start to eat the mangoes. The mangoes are very attractive for Malayalies. There are many health benefits if we eat mango. The antioxidants in the unripe mango can fight against the cancer. The unripe mango is having the ability to regulate the body temperature in summer season by providing coolness to the inner parts of the body. We can prevent the cough and common cold by drinking unripe mango juice. It is having the ability to destroy the bad cholesterol in the body. The fibres in the mango will helps to increase the metabolism and prevent the deposition of extra fat from the body. The vitamin A presence in it will helps for the sight. It also helps to maintain the beauty. The presence of rich antioxidants and vitamin C is helpful for it. The vitamin C will provide good resistance capacity against the disease.

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