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The Koppanhegan a place which should not miss visiting as a visitor

This is a seashore area too. We can reach here from European country through the different ways like air, water, and train. We will get one benefit that the cycle for watching the full city.

The city is having the population of 6 lacks. Another beautiful sight is a round tower with 36 meters of height. The climbing to this place was with horse coach in olden days. The charging to enter this place is 25 crown. It is around 1500 rps. And another one sight is the town hall of 100 years old! The bus service is available to roam in the city like other European countries. The people who are visiting this place can’t leave the travel through the beautiful lake. One of the main sights is the statue of a mermaid and it is one of the favorite places where the visitors are spending the time. The Christiana is another main place with the palace and the beautiful sights in the surroundings. This city should not be missed to visit as a visitor.

In Agamar Island, which is of 4.6 km length, is having Agmar Strand Park. The Koppanhegan is a city where we can enjoy maximum

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