The medicinal value of Poison berry

The poison berry is helpful for the protection of health. In earlier we were used to see this in yard and in fields. But nowadays we couldn’t see this. So most of the people are not knowing about it. The poison berry can solve many health problems. And the people are unaware how yo use it. The root,leaf and stem can be used for the treatment.
Let us see what are the uses of poison berry.
To treat the respiratory problems.
The root of poison berry is used for treatment by making its water extract. There is no doubt that about the medicinal value of poison berry.
To treat teeth pain.
The people who experienced the teeth pain can understand the all difficulties behind that. The poison berry is helps to relieve from pain quickly. The root is helping to give health for the teeth.
The dhasamularishtam can be given to children as well as to all age groups. All age groups will like its taste and benefits. The root of poison berry is used in dhasamularishtam. It helps for those who are seeking ayurvedic treatment. So we can take it as a part of health treatment.

To treat cholesterol.

There are many people who are suffering because of cholesterol. When the cholesterol level increases it causes many health problems.
To manage this situation we can able to drink the water extract of poison berry. It helps to increase the good cholesterol level.
It helps to prevent the cells from destruction. It also helps to increase the life span. Nowadays we cant say when we will get digestive problems,diarrhoea,stomach pain and loose motion. Like this situations can be managed with poison berry. It gives good and immediate relief from the problems. It helps to relieve from any kind of stomach pains and for good digestion.

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