The methods used to prevent excess sweating

We are seen that most of them are having a problem of excess sweating. These problems are affected based on the nature of the body of each individual. The water and Waste constituents containing sweat will spread over the skin tissues and it will combine with the dirt and bacterias which are present in the skin and produces a bad smell of sweat. To prevent the excess sweating there are many home remedies are present. To prevent excess sweating lemon is good. The daily intake of a cup of lemon juice will help to prevent the excess sweating.

The applying of lemon juice with baking soda in the arm pit will help to prevent the smell of sweat. Apply this in three days in a week. The intake of excess water will also help to prevent the excess sweating to an extend. A minimum amount of 12 glass of water should be taken daily. The intake of water will help to cool the body. Cucumber juice, and tomato juice will help to prevent excess sweating. Lemon juice and also coconut water will also prevent excess sweating. Potato contain alkaline in higher amount. The potato is very good for maintaining the LDH level in the body. The potato also contain less amount of acid so it will help to prevent the bad smell of the sweat.

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