The progressions which is made by almond in the body

The nuts are very helpful for the health and there is no doubt with that. It is maintaining the health and prevents some diseases also. In nuts almond is very good. It is a source of good cholesterol and it act as a guardian for heart and brain. The almond is having less fat content and necessary carbohydrates. If we eat one pinch of almond will reduce the bad cholesterol LDL 4.5 percentage. It is containing vitaminĀ E,magnesium, fibre,phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron. Eating 5 almonds per day helps to do some changes in body. According to ayurveda also it is proved.

Understand about it in detail.

To prevent the cancer it can be used. Mainly the bitter taste almond is having hydrogen cyanide which will treat the cancer. The antioxidants in it is helping for it.

  • The vitamin E will prevent the heart diseases.
  • The magnesium will prevent the heart attack.
  • The potassium in almond will control the BP. The sodium in it is very less.
  • The monounsaturated fat,protein and potassium is helpful for the heart.
  • It is a remedy for Anaemia too. We have to soak it and eat.

The almond is having copper,iron and vitamin. To increase the blood production and circulation in body it is helpful.

  • The calcium and vitamin D will help for the health of bone and tooth.
  • It is a good remedy for the teeth decaying due aging.\
  • The phosphorus and nutrients will be good for the bones and tooth.
  • The almond is having the ability for arthritis according to ayurveda.
  • It is also used for diabetic patients because it regulates the insulin content.
  • The fibres in it helps for digestion. So it is helpful for reducing the belly fat. To treat constipation,gas, and acidity also it can be used.

It is good for the skin. To maintain young the antioxidants and vitamin E in this is helping. It prevents the wrinkles on the face and looseness of the skin. It is one anti aging property. Not only eat the almonds but also can apply on face by grinding. The almond oil we can apply on the face also.

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