The Tendril is a medicine for Diabetes Mellites

In ancient days itself our old people were found the medications for diseases. Most of the plants were in our place itself. They can be seen in fest and in yard.
When the days passed the medicines are made with the use of artificial chemicals. The good effects will be there and also the side effects too.
The natural home remedies are using as medicine now also. But we couldn’t able to identify. That is the real thing. No one is knowing about the benefits of it. That is the real problem.
Like this one natural plant is Amruthavalli. The name is indicating that the plant which is not having death. This plant is having similarity in shape with betel leaves. This stems of it will grow easily if we keep on tree. That’s why we can say the tree is undestroyed and not having death.

This tendril is a good medicine for many diseases. This is a remedy for diabetes,especially for type 2 diabetes.
Take amrithavalli and smash it and keep it in the water. Put turmeric powder and drink in the morning.
To reduce diabetes take amrithavalli essence,amla essence and turmeric powder in equal amount and eat 10 milli everyday in empty stomach.

This plant is a medicine.

Digestive problems.
This is a good medicine for the condition of stomach. The digestive problems can be used to treat digestive problems. It can prevent constipation. We can add amla or jaggery to it and eat.

This is a good medicine for arthritis. We can drink the milk with the stems by boiling. To reduce pain and swelling also it can be used.

It is a good medicine for the health of the brain. For treating depression and anxiety it is a good one. The amrithavalli is helpful to increase memory.

Blood purification.
It is helpful to remove toxins from the body. So can prevent skin disorders and cancers. This plant is used for treating diabetes.
The amrithavalli is having the capacity to resist against allergy and lung diseases. And also tonsillitis,cough and common cold can be treated with this. The asthma patients also can get the treatment like this.

This can prevent free radicals which is causing cancer. This plant can increase immunity power too. The antioxidants are giving the special attendance. The amrithavalli is a medicine to prevent dengue fever,swin flue and malaria.


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