The very nutritious cashew nuts

The cashew nuts are very nutritious. It is a source of proteins,copper,calcium,magnesium,iron,phosphorus,potassium and zinc. It is also having vitamin C,vitamin B1 or thiamine,vitamin B12 or riboflavin,vitamin B3 or niacin,vitamin B6,folate,vitamin E and vitamin K.

Dietary fibres.

The body will not produce dietary fibres. The food only will provide it for the body. In cashew nuts many fibres are there. This is helpful for the digestion and to reduce the diseases. It is necessary for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K.

Health of the heart.

To reduce the cholesterol it is using. It reduces the bad cholesterol LDL and increasing the good cholesterol HDL. So the heart diseases prevented like this. But we should be careful to avoid salt added and oil fry cashew nuts. The cashew nuts are rich with omega 3 fatty acids. It boosts the metabolism of our body. The deposition of fat also removed because of eating cashew nuts.

The strong antioxidant pigment in cashew nut will make one protective layer in the surface of retina. It helps to prevent the ultraviolet rays. And also prevents the infection related to atmospheric pollution. The cashew nuts are rich with magnesium,zinc,iron and phosphorous. The proteins and selenium antioxidants are good for the health of the skin.

The muscles,bones,cells and organs will expand with the help of magnesium. It is helpful to control blood pressure and to improve the immunity.

It will helps to reduce the type 2 diabetes. The sugar is less in cashew nuts. Not having the problematic cholesterol. It should be used in a proper way.

The phosphorus in the cashew will help for the health of teeth and bones. The cashew nuts are having large amount of mono sachurated fat which is good for the body. The little amount of polyunsaturated fat with no presence of bad cholesterol is there. We can use with the little amount in diets.

The dietary iron in it will helps to prevent the Anaemia. It will also maintain the oxygen level in the body tissues. The less iron will cause for tiredness and paleness. To increase the immunity power also cashew is used. It will helps for the health of the bones.

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