These are the benefits of fenugreek

The benefits of fenugreek

The benefits of fenugreek
The benefits of fenugreek

The leaf food items are good for health. It contain many nutrients which are needed to our body. The intake of fenugreek leaves daily by the diabetes patients will provide them good health. The north indians are taking fenugreek leaves as their main food item. Now a days in the Kerala also the fenugreek leaves are mostly used.In India the fenugreek is mostly cultivated in the Rajasthan. The fenugreek leaves are daily used by the diabetes patients and they have included this in their daily food intake pattern.

The fenugreek can be easily cultivated and its growth requires very simple processing. In the pots or in the plastic bags the fenugreek can be cultivated. One kilogram of coconut fibre of the rint compost , one kilogram of sand and two kilogram of cow dung powder are mixed and above this mixture only the fenugreek should be cultivated.

The fenugreek should be placed in water for five hours for wetting it. When the mixture is prepare and ready to use , pour the wetted fenugreek seeds above that.when the fenugreek are poured the sand should be poured above that.And it should be watered in a slight amount.The mixture which contain the poured fenugreek seeds should be kept in a cool place. With in one week the seedlings will be produced. And after 10 days of seedling you can start to pluck the leaves. The fenugreek plant consist of thing stem , and the three petals containing small leaves.

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