A drive to Dhanushkodi from Thiruvananthapuram

The choice to visit Dhanushkodi was taken at the last minute. Despite the fact that I had visited the spot multiple times prior, I needed to go there once more. So I called up my companions, Dr.Prakash and Dr.Vivek and made a speedy arrangement to Start from Thiruvananthapuram, travel through Nagercoil, Tirunelveli, Thuthukkudi and afterward arrive at our last goal, Dhanushkodi. This would have been a lengthy drive yet we were energized.

The ride from Thiruvananthapuram to Nagercoil was delayed since the streets were bust because of the support work going on there. Be that as it may, the drive to Rameswaram was truly pleasant. The landscape is agreeable as well. On one side we have the Pothigai slopes which is a piece of western Ghats valley on the opposite side, there are the ceaseless windmills. We came to Tirunelveli in under one hour through the four-track street.

From Tirunelveli, we turned towards the East Coast street and proceeded with our voyage. This street prompts Rameswaram and gives an astounding sight of salt fields and the individuals working there. The breeze here scents of salt.

We can see the ocean even before we reach Rameswaram. The ocean looks captivating with its greenish blue water. The seaside territory is acclaimed for the staggering corals found here. The ocean looks quiet with exceptionally frail waves. I wanted to take a dunk in the ocean. Before long we were near the Pamban Bridge that associates the Indian territory with Rameswaram. The extension looks grand from a separation. It is entrancing just as startling to travel. The breeze is solid to such an extent that we must be cautious while driving. Parallel to this we have the well known railroad connect. The ascent is one of the most stunning encounters with its encompassing islands and blue seascapes.

A couple of kilometers into the island, you will see the tomb of our extraordinary President Late Sri Abdul Kalam. At that point there is the significant fascination, the Ramanathaswamy Temple. This lovely sanctuary has the longest sanctuary passageway in Asia. It is worked with colossal rocks raised on a raised plinth, stone columns are complicatedly cut with lovely pictures. The guests would be dazed at the antiquated design and the astounding aptitudes of the architects during the days of yore. This sanctuary has in its reason, the ‘Samadhi’ of Siddhavydya Acharya and father of Yoga, Patanjali Maharshi.

Dhanushkodi is around 24 km away from Ramanathaswamy Temple. Dhanushkodi is one of the most fantastic stretches of Tamil Nadu. It blows your mind and is a visual treat with fantastically delightful perspectives on the unmistakable blue ocean. Flanked by the Bay of Bengal on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other, Dhanushkodi once used to fill in as a significant port for the two merchants and explorers. The town of Dhanushkodi was home to a wide range of offices an explorer would require lodgings, dharamshalas, and material shops taking into account pioneers, voyagers, and dealers. Be that as it may, the entire town was decimated in a typhoon that occurred in the year 1964. It crushed everything, and what remains presently is a sandy shoreline with vestiges going back to those days. Around 5 of land is under the ocean now.

In any case, Dhanushkodi is a spot an investigating voyager couldn’t imagine anything better than to visit and find out about.

Aside from the beach front appeal and the secrets connected to the spot, there’s one more thing that makes Dhanushkodi an extremely extraordinary spot to visit. It is its association with Ramayana. Dhanushkodi is the spot accepted to be the place Lord Rama requested that Hanuman assemble a scaffold to Srilanka. Ramasethu is accepted to have been worked here. This spot presents to you the recollections of such a large number of stories identified with Rama. I remained there thinking back the tales like Hanuman hopping from here to Lanka to spare Sita, the Golden Lanka, the gift to the squirrel by Sri Rama, etc.

I woke up from my considerations when the watching police officers called me and reminded that the meeting hours are finished. I represented a moment at the recently planted ‘ Asoka sthamba ‘ set my regard with a salute and were before long driving back home before sun-down.

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