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admin Sep 24

Mallu is an abbreviated term for a Malayali. Individuals hailing from Kerala are frequently called Mallus in light of the fact that the word Malayalees is very piece and hard to articulate :p

The term Mallu is taken as an offense by numerous Malayalees. It can cause a Malayalee to go red with fierceness likewise with the word Madrasi.

Malayalees are regularly misconstrued for Somalians and Pakistanis inferable from their most astounding education rate and Human advancement Index in India.

ഞാനൊരു മലയാളി | Njaanoru Malayali Video Song of JILEBI Malayalam Movie | Jayasurya,Remya Nambeesan

Malayalees are a lot of exceptionally corrupt individuals as larger part of them eat hamburger and pork. They live in social agreement regardless of religion which is socially inadmissible.

Furthermore, the most significant of all, Malayalees (not Mallus) talk just in mockery and this answer is from a Malayalee!

Mallu Videos

In spite of making such huge numbers of incredible Mallu Videos and bragging such a significant number of gifted individuals, many still imagine that Malayalam Cinema only delivers such flicks. They believe that Malayalis don’t create fine flicks.

There are individuals who utilize that term just to disparage Malayalis.


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