Amla for growing hair

The amla is good for the health and beauty. And also helps for the hair.
Let us see how to use the amla for hair growth.
The amla is nutritious to the hair. It is rich with the vitamin C. And also included calcium,phosphorus,kerotin,vitamin B complex etc. We can use amla shampoo for the hair. But most of them are not knowing how to use it. It is easy to prepare the amla shampoo. Its good to use this shampoo daily.


Take half cup of amla powder in a vessel and mix with the half cup of hot water. Mix it well and make as a paste. Add little rose water also to this. Then add little amount of acacia concinna to this. The shampoo is ready.
The next step is to apply it on the hair. After making the hair properly dried only should apply this. Use the fingers for applying it on the hair. It is reach the roots of the hair. So apply it in circular motion. After applying it on hair cover the head with a plaster shower cap. Keep it for 15 to 30 minutes and wash it off. No need to use any other shampoo for next wash. Because the amla itself it is good the hair health.
Let us see what are the benefits will give this shampoo.
It gives good health for the hair.
It is good for hair growth.
To prevent the dandruff we can use it daily.
To make the hair soft this shampoo can be used.
For giving shining to the hair also this shampoo can use.

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