If we eat green chutney continuously for one month

Malayalies are having habit of eating green chutney along with the dosa, iddly, tapioca, rice and kanji. It is known in the names chammandi or chutney. There are many health benefits for chutney. We can prepare it in different ways.

Among chutneys green chutney is very good for health. Malayalies are not familiar with this. But other place people are known about it. The name itself the colour of the chutney is mentioned. So the main ingredients are also leaves only. The main leaves are coriander leaves and mint leaves. The coconut is not that much important. But u cam put if you want. And also you can use chillies,garlic,ginger and curd. The each ingredient is having there own importance.

The coriander leaf is having many health benefits. It is having thiamine,vitamin C, riboflavin, phosphorus,calcium,iron,niacin,sodium,kerotin,oxalic acid,potassium, and more minerals and vitamins. This leaves are helping to produce digestive enzymes thereby good digestion. It can able treat loss of appetite. The coriander leaf is having antioxidants, antimicrobials, acids and having small amount of antiinflammatory actions. The mint also is taking the first place in health. It is good for the health of stomach. In this protein, fat, fibres, calcium,phosphorus,iron,vitamin C,vitamin A and minerals are included.

The ginger and garlic which is used in this chutney is antioxidants. To maintain the health of the stomach and to reduce the fat these are good. And also gives the immunity.

The curd which is used also rich in protein and calcium. For the good health of stomach and immunity also given by this. The growth of the bones and teeth it is good. To prevent osteoporosis you can have curd.
Lemon is giving health in less cost. The vitamin C and antioxidants are giving this benefits. It is not only giving health to body but also the skin and hair.

The green chutney is good to control the cholesterol and diabetes. The ingredients will reduce the bad cholesterol and helps for the health of the heart. It also helps to prevent the fat deposition in blood vessels. It is good for the stomach. The green chutney will increase the digestion process and decrease the gas and acidity problems. It is also having more fibres. The well shaped belly can be maintained with this. The ingredients like garlic,ginger and lemon will burn the fat.

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