Any diabetes can be cured by this method

In the olden days the diabetes like diseases is only caused after certain age but now a days it is caused in small childrens also. We will say it may be caused due to our life styles and our food intake pattern but there are many other reasons which may leads to diabetes. Inherited, the use of some medicines, some diseases and obesity all these may cause the initiation to the diabetes. The most of the diabetes are affected due to inheritance. It the diabetes is inherited then we can say that the chance for causing diabetes is of 90 percentage. Because genes are obtained from our parents. If it is once caused it can’t be cured completely by the treatment. Only we can do is to maintain its level. When the diabetes is increased it will become type 2 diabetes. Kidney, heart like many organs of the body will become functionless gradually due to this disease. It needs proper food intake and exercises . If you did not take proper care , it may affect to the heart also due to the increase in its level. There are many home remedies that can be used to cure diabetes. You can taking these remedies without preferring allopathic tablets and it will not cause any side effects and we will get benefits. The outer hard shell of the coconut should be boiled and can have this water daily , it is a good medicine for the diabetes. If you make this as a habit it would provide more benefits. The any part of the banana tree can be used to treat the diabetes. The main part in this is the banana stem juice. In that some amount of turmeric powder, and honey should be added and have this mixture , it will provide benefits. The banana stem can also have by cooking it. the buds of the banana tree can also included in the food intake. The moringa leaves is also a good remedy for diabetes. This and some amount of ginger can be have together and this is a good remedy for diabetes. The moringa juice and the juice of the ginger can be have together. It will provide benefits. The turmeric is a good remedy for diabetes. This will reduces the glucose level in the blood. The turmeric powder can also have with the addition of the butter. Normally for diabetes the beneficial method is bitter gourd. Te juice of this and the bitter gourd are very useful. The bittet taste containing food items are the solutions for diabetes. The bitter gourd should be chopped and place it in the curd and add some amount of turmeric powder and salt to it and have it , its very beneficial.

Some types of natural plants are good remedies for the diabetes. In this one is cheroola. It can be grinder and can be mixed with curd and have it. The brahmi can also grinded and we can have this with the milk. All these are the plant medicines for the diabetes. The plant known as chittamruth can be grinded and the juice of it can be taken and add some amount of honey in it and have it, The touch me not plant can be taken and its juice can be taken and the daily intake of this , the leaves of the koovalam can be taken and grinded and its juice should be taken and have it with honey, all these are the nostrum for the diabetes. The leaves of coccinia grandis , turmeric , isapgol can be mixed and grinded and apply this mixture on the wounds that are caused due to diabetes is a good method to treat it. The gooseberry juice can be taken and have it with turmeric powder and honey , the intake of gooseberries with turmeric as such , in the gooseberry boiled water add some amount of turmeric and have it , all these are very beneficial. The pure red sandal wood should be grinded and have this with mixing it with gooseberry juice in the morning in empty stomach are also a good remedy for diabetes. The seeds of black berry can be dried and grind it and this can be taken with five grams of water daily in the morning and night will provide more benefits.

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