Azolla’s companion in horticulture

The word azolla is extremely well-known between us today. Be that as it may, a considerable lot of us don’t have the foggiest idea what. It is essential to know the Azolla about chickens and ducks in their homes and the method for paddy development.

The principle issue for the individuals who develop nectar, milk, chickens and goats is their feed. Getting them out of the dairy cattle feed and poultry and spending a ton of cash.

In any case, on the off chance that you are prepared to create azolla at home, the remainder of your family’s nourishment and rice are only enough for the development of creatures.

Azolla, a logical name known as Azolla, is a plant in class harms. Its leaves can fit the barometrical nitrogen because of the nearness of anaenica azon (aanobacteria).

We need to include composts like engineered urea since this capacity isn’t for some plants. With this limit, Azolla is wealthy in proteins.

The advantages of Azolla

1. Capacity to develop quickly in every single climatic condition and control situations.

2. We can create more from the least amount. There is no compelling reason to burn through cash for seed planting.

3. The air nitrogen can be utilized to make protein and break down by soil.

4. To help in the generation and nature of the harvest.

5. Paddy fields can be utilized for natural compost and weed control.

6. Increment the heaviness of cows, ducks and poultry and increment milk creation and egg generation.

Azolla can be developed in pits, in lakes and in the fields. Being a water-based plant, it is important to guarantee consistent water supply. The smooth shade of sola requires shade and daylight.

The temperature of 36 degrees Celsius will influence the development of the Azolla. The plant will ingest the required components from the water. Phosphorus is the most significant.

The situation of the tank used to develop the Azolla is significant. It is ideal to have an invigorating spot. The tank ought to consistently be near water source as it requires constant water supply.

Minor shade ought to be done to stay away from vanishing and water misfortune. On the off chance that the typical lake is to be utilized, make sure to stay away from the no-limit stones.

The size of the tank will change the distinction of azolla. To get one kilogram daily, we have to develop a tank of 6 x 4 feet in length. Secure a decent plastic sheet beneath the tank and make it more secure. The highest point of the tank is secured with a net and it is prudent to abstain from falling leaves and leaves.

To guarantee great development of azolla, include 1 kg of cowdung and 100 g superfoil and soil to the base of the tank and pour 10 cm thick thickly depleted water and blend altogether.

From that point onward, toss a few tomatoes into it. Manure and superphosphate must be given similarly more than about fourteen days. The weeds ought to be discarded. During the time of six to eight months, the tank ought to be cleaned and new vegetable

Azolla will cover the whole zone of the tank inside about fourteen days. In this way, how about we collect. Day by day collecting can be gotten from 6 ½ to 4kg every day. Azolla collected with different feeders can be utilized to treat chickens and chickens. Azolla can likewise be utilized as a dietary enhancement.

Since the azolla is equipped for accepting air nitrogen, the utilization of manures, for example, Urea can be maintained a strategic distance from in rice development. Both are grown-up plants, so it’s anything but difficult to become together. Azolla is utilized in paddy development in two different ways.

Seedlings can be planted for in any event a month prior planting. They develop well in three weeks. At the hour of growing, apply the Azolla in the dirt. It helps in moderation of soil nitrogen and lessens the measure of urea.

Put in the Azolla fields during planting. Falter in the ground regularly. It keeps weeds from disintegration. Azolla doesn’t have to put it over and over. Since a couple of plants will be planted again from the rest.


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