Is belly fat problem Do it only this much

Is belly fat problem Do it only this much

At the time of getting fat the stomach is the first place where will the fat deposition starts and ends. The fat in the stomach is the problem for all. The people doing work by sitting is the main risk factor. If the people are willing to reduce fat also it is not possible because the busy life routine. But one easy way is there to reduce the belly fat. By eating some vegetables and the avoidance of fat rich food can able to reduce fat. The capsicum is containing capsaicin will make easy the metabolism and thereby reduces the fat in the stomach and belly.

The beans are rich in fibre,protein and iron. The fibre in the beans will remove the poisons. We can eat beans by frying and making salad.

The pumpkin is the good source of vitamin C. The nutrients for one day can give by pumpkin.

The vitamin A in pumpkin is good for the health of the eyes. The people who eats something after food is necessary can eat the cucumber. This is containing lots of water. The cucumber will prevent the fat deposition and to remove the poisons from the body.

The tomato is rich with vitamin C and calcium. We can eat this by making salad or raw. The belly fat will reduce.

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