Easy remedy for arthritis

All have heard about arthritis. One among the three Dhoshas in the body is arthritis. When it increases it will become a disease. It is caused by the diseases which will affect the nerves and muscles. Usually it can be seen in old age. But nowadays we can see in youngsters too. And it is increasing day by day. In women also it is seen and we should be more aware about it. We should know about the diseases. Or else it will leads to many problems. The arthritis if it comes late will make many discomforts. It is common for women. So let us see what we can do it for this. We can prevent many arthritis if we treat at proper time.

Try to maintain the proper body weight.

It helps to prevent the arthritis and improves the health.
This is occurring mainly due to the pressure on joints. So we should be aware about the body weight.
Most of the people will use high heals. It is also causing for the arthritis mainly in women. The heals is used by the aged women also. But it causes many problems.
The exercise should be proper. Or else it will leads to arthritis. So be careful while doing exercises. We also should think that the exercises are not harming for the body. Accidents will cause for arthritis. When we take treatment for accidents will leads to arthritis.

So we should be aware about it.
The deficiency of vitamin D also will cause for the disease.
If we get sufficient vitamin D then can prevent the arthritis.

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