Steaming boiled water with the curry leaves gives shining for the face

There is no doubt about that the curry leaves will helps for the maintenance of hair and health. But most of them are not knowing how to use the curry leaves.
Let us discuss how to increase the fairness.

The curry leaves are safeguarding our skin. We can apply curry leaves and curd on face by mixing. It helps to remove the pimples and increase the fairness.
We can use curry leaves and turmeric as a paste for applying on face.

Wash when it gets dry. We should not avoid the things which is for skin protection. Now a days dandruff is a common problem. It is not easy to solve this.
Boil the milk and grinded curry leaves can apply on the scalp. Wash after 15 minutes. Daily if we use it will give good effects. Not only to remove the skin problems but also the burns,injuries and insects bites also it is used.

Boil the milk by putting curry leaves in it. Allow for cooling and apply on the affected area with a cotton ball by soaking in it.

There is a need of food for the skin too like how we need food for our body.

Boil the coconut oil with the curry leaves. Make it cool and massage to the scalp everyday at night. The scalp will get health and it strengthen the hair growth. We can use this for removing the wrinkles and for giving shining.

Make a paste with dried and grinded curry leaves,multanimitti and some drops of rose water. Apply this whole over the body and face. Wash after it dry.
The pimple will make some irritation. The dark spot will make some problems. Make a paste with the curry leaves and some drops of lemon. Then apply this on the pimples and wash it after 10 to 12 minutes.

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