Easy ways to remove the plaque

Easy ways to remove the plaque

Most of them are feeling shy to smile by opening the mouth with the confidence. It is due to teeth yellowish and plaque. It is occurring in people who brush daily and neatly. If we do not remove this will cause for the development of calculus or tartar. It will destroy the teeth. We have to hold the brush in 45 degree between the teeth and gums. To clean the inside of the front teeth keep the brush downwards. Then brush from the junction of teeth and gums to the tip of teeth.

Let us see how to remove plaque at home .

Take a wet brush and some soda powder in the brush. Now brush it and wash with the warm water.
Take a mixture of 2 tea spoon salt and baking soda in a brush. Brush with it. Its better to take one tea spoon baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for brushing. Daily morning and evening you must do brushing.

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