Eat more than fish

Fish is a favorite of many. This is a great way to get roasted, roasted and cut into pieces. Omega-3 fatty acids and calcium are good for fish. The fish is also good for cardio vascular health. However, eating more fishes than malicious food brings some harm to health but also those who are in a certain condition need to listen to fish. Because the number of mercury is now high in many fish. This will bring much harm to the health of the child, including the baby’s brain. When it comes to health, omega -3 fatty acids do not work naturally and immune. Bacterial infections are more likely to come from. Mercuy-containing fish is commonly used for growing large fish and other fish eating fish. This is not the case if it is usually miniature. Cultivating more than frying is more beneficial for health.tuna fish, also know as the cane and cora, are said to have a slightly higher amount of mercury. It’s don’t that you should not use it. Do not practice regularly. In addition, a sardine fish called seaweed fish and eel so called snake fish have a high mercury level in three or four days a week. Seek advice from the doctor if you have any particular health problems after eating a particular meal.

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