Preparation of split bengal gram cutlet

The split Bengal gram cutlet can be prepared easily. It is not only crispy but also it contain high nutritional benefits. The split Bengal gram is also known as Dana dal tikki and it contain high amount of proteins and it is healthy food and it can also used as a starter. For the preparation of this , some spices and Bengal gram is enough and it is its good side. For the preparation of split Bengal gram cutlet, these are the procedures.

The Bengal gram should be placed in the water for wetting up to 4-5 hours. After that the Bengal gram should be grinded and add some flavoring agents to it and make it in the shape of a cutlet, after that it should be fried in oil and can be taken with green chatni. Before going to the food item we should know about the nutrients obtained from this and also about Bengal gram. The Bengal gram contain high amount of fibres which will help to reduce the cholesterol in the body. Zinc , calcium, and proteins present in higher amount. That is why the food used for your hunger can be used as an healthy starter and also for providing a healthy body by providing proteins in the body.

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