For reducing body weight calorie less paneer tikka

In our paneer tikka food item there is no any fried contents are present. This is the food item for those persons who are meant to decrease their body weight and here We are doing shalo fry . The paneer is a protein rich food item. This will improves the digestion and inturn help to reduce body weight. Paneer tikka is the calorie less food item which can be prepared very easily. Red,and green capsicum , onion, and paneer can be used to prepare very tasty paneer tikka.

If you are ready to prepare calorie less paneer tikka then, you must watch the video clip given below. Not only that, you can read the content about how to prepare paneer tikka that are given below with pictures. The step wise Preparations In one bowl take curd, turmeric powder, chilly powder, and make this well mixed. To this mixture add some ginger garlic paste, chatt masala, garam masala. Add some amchoor powder and cumin seed and mix well. After that add some coriander leaves also. After that add some gram flour and mix well. Add some salt. And add half of lemon by squeezing to it. Mix thorougly. Onion, green and red capsicum are then added. Now add paneer to this. Coat all these well. Make sure that onion and capsicum are mixed well. Place this aside for 30 minutes For marinating. Again coat with the addition of marinated pieces after taking off the scuver. Flame the stove and place a pan over it. After that add a spoon full of oil to it. Place the scuver over it for cooking. To cook all the sides of the vegetables rotate the scuver. Cook upto the golden colour is produced. After that remove capsicum and onion from the scuver.


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