The curry leaves to prevent gas trouble

The curry leaves to prevent gas trouble

curry leaves

The curry leaves are having rich nutritive value and it is giving good odor and taste. The curry leaves are source of vitamin A. Its good to grow this plant at home.

It is a good remedy for most of the health problems. The boiled water with curry leaves will helps for the prevention of digestive problems. We should drink it daily and it also helps to remove the bad cholesterol from the body. Thereby can sustain the good cholesterol in the body. For the animals bite we have to apply the milk which is boiled with curry leaves and grinded to that area. So we can able to remove the venom related swelling and pain. To prevent the stomach pain in children curry leaves water is good.

Grind the curry leaves and add little fenugreek powder to it. Then apply this on the head will prevent the dandruff,hair fall and lice. We can say it is a good remedy for solving many problems. The consumption of curry leaves water will helps to solve the digestive problems.

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