Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is an antioxidant and is made from the seed of cocoa tree and has 70 to 80% cocoa and it has several amazing health benefits. The benefits including eye health, oral health, cardiovascular health, improve blood circulation, and so on. This nutrients rich antioxidant dark chocolate offers powerful immune system and helps to improve the mood.

  • Nutrient Rich

A 100 gm of bar chocolate contain several essential nutrients including

Manganese 98%
Copper 89%
Iron 67%
Magnesium 58%
Phosphorus 33%
Zinc 22%
Potassium 22%
Dietary fiber 11g
Selenium 11%

  • Improve the Cardiovascular Health

The consuming of dark chocolate helps to improve the functioning of cardiovascular health and prevents the risk of heart attacks. Because it helps to the proper flow of blood and prevents the blood clotting, cell damage and inflammation. If you consume more dark chocolate, then it will be the best way of reducing the risk of heart attack.

  • Improve blood circulation and Prevent blood pressure
    It provides proper blood circulation due to the presence of nutrients and minerals. The continuous consuming of dark chocolate will help to strengthen the blood vessels and it has a mouth-watering property. Which help to minimizing the blood pressure. If you have diabetes, then will not consume more chocolate. This powerful antioxidant will also remove the cholesterol and it helps to prevent heart attacks.
  • Improve Brain Function

The presence of bioactive compounds and  stimulants like caffeine and theobromine helps for the proper blood circulation to the brain. Instead of providing proper blood flow also provide mental impairment and verbal fluency. Hence the rich nutrients and minerals helps to improve the brain function.

  • Improve Eye Health

Consuming of dark chocolate helps to improve the proper functioning of eye. Also it helps to prevent the eye infection and is better for weak eyesight. The antioxidant power of dark chocolate will leads to the proper functioning of eye also prevent the infection.

  • Improve Psychological Health 

The dark chocolate has the capability of improving the psychological health and also helps to change the current mood. It is the source of nutrients and it can smooth the tensed nerves. Hence it reducing the stress and change the current sad situation. The other health benefit is it provide concentration and helps to perform several activities. The stress hormones are controlled by dark chocolate hence it enhance the mood and avoid the upset condition.

  • Powerful Antioxidant

Dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant and it strengthen the immune system. Antioxidants prevent the health damaging factors such as cancer cells, free radicals, bacteria, toxins and so on. More chocolate consume helps to prevent the cancerous cells in the body and also strengthen the immune system. Antioxidants protect the body from harmful effects of internal and external damage and it improve the proper functioning of immune system. Also the presence of theobromine will helps to prevent the inflammation and it control the cough.

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