Homeopathic treatment for sunburn

Dr K. Jamuna have declare that the solutions for the mild disease symptoms that are caused due to sunburn are available in the homeopathic shops. The pimples that are caused due to hotness, the mild burns that are affected due to sunburn, and pigmentation , for all these diseases the medicines are available from the homeopathic hospitals. When the sunbeams are affected on the skin , the cell of the body will be gradually destructed. This will leads to dehydration, the pimples or the miliyeria. For preventing the dehydration we should drink atleast a minimum amount of three liters of water in a day. You should avoid cola, tea and coffee. Use the fruits and vegetables. The lemon juice containing salt in it , the rice water with salt, and the coconut water, can be used. The use of clothes like light coloured and soft can be used and it will prevent the hotness. The area where the sunburn are affect may shows the symptoms like burning sensation, and pain . The red colour formation of the skin with pain are also the symptoms of sunburn. In some , fever, vomiting, coldness will also seen . The important treatment for this is the hydration and cooling of the body. You should swipe your body with cold water and after that take the patient immediately to the hospital and provide the needed treatment.

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