One juice to reduce the fat

Some times its not possible to decrease the fat as easy to increase the fat. It is sufficient to do work out and cleanliness along with the strict lifestyle, especially diet.The people who wants to reduce the fat will depend on the juices. one juice that is with cucumber is good for the reduction of fat because 100 gm cucumber is having only 16 calorie. And the cucumber is rich with the fibres,vitamin K,C and A,magnesium,potassium and manganese. The juice will be added by ginger too. It is helpful for the digestion. The next ingredient is turmeric. The kurcumin in it will help for the fat reduction. The next is pepper which is dried and grinded.

Slice one cucumber and add one inch turmeric, scratched 2 or 3 spoons of ginger and one inch pepper powder. If you want to add salt can be done. The healthy one is having without salt. We can filter all contents and use.

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