How to Open a Bank Account in the USA from India

In a global economy of today’s era, financial transactions aren’t just limited to national territories. There has been quite a high-rise in international transactions adhering to the need for multiple interactions with personalities all over the globe. And therein steps the need for banking account in multiple territories. So we lined up our blog with a piece on ‘How to Open a Bank Account in the USA from India’.

Read along for the know-how about it!

The need for USA Bank Account?

  • To let you know on the simple conundrum, much international business and clientele need a U.S bank account to make do with business activities based in the states. The reason, to avoid the hassle of foreign currency and ever-changing exchange rates. No doubt why many have opted for bank accounts in U.S.
  • However therein lies a catch, after the devastating incident of 9/11, USA has tightened the rules for the foreigners seeking bank accounts. The banks are thrust with verifying the documentation along with ID’s and all for the ones opening their bank account in U.S. But there are ways a foreigner can open a bank account in USA (even from India). We’ve listed out a few ways down below. Coast along and find your way into it.

Ways to Open a Bank Account in the USA from India

1)Travel to U.S

  • The first option would be to travel to the USA as that shall present the easiest way to open a bank account over there. All you need is to furnish the necessary documents and there you have your designated bank account. However, the option doesn’t seem financially viable for most.

2)Seek verification from the U.S Embassy

  • A rather practical solution that traveling to U.S itself, seeking verification from the U.S Embassy in your nation can be your passage to a bank account over there. One can fill the I.D verification form in the U.S Embassy which shall be submitted to the banks in U.S in need. However, do confirm with the bank whether they approve the Embassy verified I.D’s.

3) Partner with someone in the USA

  • If traveling to the USA or going to their Embassy is not your thing, then you could opt for a partnership with someone stationed in the USA. Many people in India have friends and families back in the states who have to assist them in setting up a bank account. However, do keep in mind, that the person you’re partnering with will have access to all the funds and inside workings of the account. So do choose your partner carefully.

Required Documentation

  • A couple of photo identification of yourself. Generally, the passport shall do good, make sure it isn’t expired,
  • A personal address proof of the user. Either utility bills or foreign bank accounts statement shall be enough to entice the address proof. Make sure the documentation has the address mentioned in clear and precise terms.
  • The banking addresses in the USA. One can seek the address of the registered agent on their behalf too.
  • Minimum Deposit as per the norms of the bank. Do check the minimum deposit limits for foreigners with the bank you’re seeking an account in.


Although the idea of opening a bank account in the USA seems a complicated mechanism, there are still ways one can seek bank account over there. Just comply with the needs and you’re good to go.

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