The health benefits of bitter snake gourd

The bitter snake gourd is used for making dishes and for food. But do you know about bitter snake gourd which is seen in forest? This is good for health as well as for the treatment. There is no doubt about the medicinal value of it. The food is playing major role in maintaining health. So the food and health is depend on each other. The uses of bitter snake gourd is not known by most of them. Most of will them will wonder by hearing its benefits. Why because the benefits are very good for the body. The raw of this item can be used as food. We should be careful while plucking from the plant. Because it is growing as a grass. It is having cooker betacin. We should not use knife for plucking the snake gourd. So the use of knife will increase the bitter taste. While cutting also we have to use small stick. This is said by old people. It is containing vitamin A,C,magnesium,potassium and iron. It is having similarity with Ivy gourd. But the snake guard is,small, round in shape and having white stripes. The leaf,stem,root and fruit of it is useful.

Let us see the health benefits of bitter snake guard.
It will treat the constipation and there is no doubt in that. The iron should not touch for cutting this to cook. So by eating like this we can prevent the constipation. The people are hesitated to eat this because
It is having better taste. But the benefits are more. We can prepare it with scratched coconut.
To prevent jaundice also we can use. The root,fruit and stem are used for the treatment of jaundice. To save the health it is helpful.
To treat respiratory diseases also we can be used. It is a better one to cure from respiratory disorders. It is not a simple problem. The creepers of this plant can able to make water syrup. This syrup is used to remove the cough. This is more helpful for the body.
To purify the blood also we can use this bitter snake guard. It will remove the wastes from the blood and purify the blood when we eat with the food. To treat many health problems we can eat by making ‘thoran’.

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