How to prevent diarrhoea through food

Is it wrong to go toilet after getting up from the bed No never. After having food if you are feeling to go toilet is also not a bad thing. But is it good to go for toilet for many times per day? The comedy of telling diarrhoea will not be there if we get this disease. Not only this it will make more dangerous problems.

The causes of diarrhoea is due to malabsorption of water during digestion and the water discharge from intestine to the faeces. The other causes can be bacteria,virus,allergic to some food items,digestive problems,some medications and operative procedures. Sometimes the blood or mucus can be seen in faeces. This situation should be treated. In kids at the time of fever and common cold the mucus can be present in faeces. This will be looking like cough which coming nose and mouth. This type of mucus is secreted from intestine and it is dangerous. It is not having connection with fever and running nose. And this is not the way to secret through faeces if the child cannot secret through nose or to spit.

The diarrhoea can cause for the death in children,old age and with low immunity power. The diarrhoea with vomiting is danger in all age. The danger signs tiredness, thirst,giddiness,less urine secretion ,dry skin and unconscious can be seen in diarrhoea patients. The danger signs in children are dry skin, dry tongue,less urine output, no tears while crying and severe weakness. The main signs deep eyes , shrinkage of stomach and cheeks can be seen in children of less than 1 year. Suddenly we should consult the doctor.

What are the steps should be taken when we will get diarrhoea at home?

The lactation should be increased. Don’t get fear of vomiting or diarrhoea. Give breast feeding.
Drink more warm water. Give juices,coconut water and rice water. Give properly cooked food which will digest easily. The replacement of vitamins also should be done.

The oral dehydration solution can be given.

Take ORS packet and put it into 1 litre of boiled water. Then cover it properly. Drink one glass of ORS each diarrhoea/vomiting. The one time ORS can be used for 24 hours. After that we have to prepare new one.

If the ORS is not available;

In one glass of boiled water,add half tea spoon sugar and one pinch of salt. The rice water with one pinch of salt also can drink.

Give one glass of solution to the child in regular intervals. Use spoon for feeding.They will drink without difficulty. Don’t give fruits and try to give juices.The diarrhoea is more problematic.

The strength will be lost if we loose motion. The old people used to tell.

Whether the new born will loose the motion that time itself? Not only one time,many times. The baby will loose the motion and nothing is getting to the child’s body. This the concept the mother will have. The milk will reach to the intestine and gall bladder with peristalsis. The motion will come out when the milk is reaches the gall bladder. That’s all. So the milk secreting is not coming out. The vomiting,diarrhoea,continuous crying and stomach upset are the activities against lactose. Meet paediatrician if the child is getting any kind of these things. The mother also should not get any problems because of child’s disease.

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