Its good to eat unripe jack fruit

The jack fruit tree is a tree which will grow without any special attention or care for growth. We are not giving more importance and it is giving fruit by vishu season. The varieties of jack fruit are chips,cooked jack fruit and ripened jack fruit and it is a lovely food items for the villagers. The malayalies are more fond of it. But the value of it in market is increasing. The different varieties of jack fruit is giving more importance. The ripped,powder,unripe,chips,thoran and curry are the varieties of dishes to eat. There are health benefits for both ripened and unripe jack fruit. In baby food also the jack powder is used it seems. The studies are revealing that it will increase the life span and it is a fruit which is a fruit and vegetable.

Those who wants to reduce the fat can eat unripe jack fruit.

In one cup of unripe jack fruit is having half of the 2 chapati s calorie and also less calorie of one cup rice. In this many fibres and water content is present which is helpful for digestion and reducing hungry. This things are helpful for the reduction of fat too.

To reduce diabetes unripe jack fruit can be used. But the ripened jack is not having this ability. The glycemic index is less in jack fruit than in rice and wheat. The studies of Sidney University of glycemic index research service is revealed it. That is we can use this instead of rice and wheat.

To reduce cholesterol also it is used. The soluble fibres are rich in it. The unripe jack fruit is equal to oats. The fibres in it is more helpful because it removes the toxins from intestine and act as brush. So to treat colon cancer it is used. The fibres in it helps for good digestion. It prevents constipation too. The fibres are more in unripe than ripened jack fruit. It is an other food rather than rice and chapati because of it carbohydrate content. The unripe jack fruit is available as powder and used along with the wheat flour and rice flour. In dosa and iddly flour alos we can add and use.

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