The things which is giving benefits same as egg

The egg is helping for maintaining good health. But some are not liking it. So some food items are there which is having more protein than egg. Many people are unaware about it. The egg is rich with nutritious. There is no doubt with that. The people who are not having egg can eat the following vegetables. It will give sufficient protein for the body. This will be double in protein and vitamin. Let us discuss these food items. To prevent some diseases also it is helpful.
It is good for the health. It is rich with the vitamin C,folate and protein. This is giving more benefits than one egg consumption. The potassium and magnesium also included in it. There is no so side effects by eating this so people are fond of it.
pumpkin seed.
There is no doubt about the health benefits of it. No need to remove the seeds when we cut the pumpkin. Because it contains more magnesium. It is also rich with the protein. So the it gives double benefits than one egg.

Eating banana is equal to eating egg. The banana and avocado are giving good benefits for the health.
It is having more protein which is 4 times than the protein in egg. So if we eat it regularly can avoid many kinds of diseases. There is no doubt with that.
The pulses are rich with the protein. So it is also used to solve the health problems.
Bengal gram.
Eating more Bengal gram also is good for health. It is having iron and phosphorus in rich. The double benefit of eating egg will be getting through this. One cup of boiled gram is having more than 12 gm protein.
Eating curd also is better than egg. Because it is also rich with the calcium,vitamin and protein. We can have curd instead of egg. Butter also is a protein source. Eating butter is equal to eating egg. It is having good benefits than egg.
Flat beans
It is having protein as well as magnesium and zinc. We can make it as chips and eat. And also by making thoran. The double benefit of eating egg will give this. It is good to solve the problems. The other name for it is valamara in some places.

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