Pineapple to get rid of ulcer

The herb as the “pineapple”is well enough to rid the stomach ulcers. Every climate in Kerala will grow. It also appears in a greenish-white color violet-like black color. This is one of the most widely used in ayurvedic naturopathy. It is also used as a vegetable. Ayurvedic medicines are medicinal substances. Manithakkali is trindhos samani. It is best used for cardiovascular and oral stomach ulcers. Pineapple can be uded as a cure for jaundine liver disease, arthritis, chronic disease and eye infections. Very good for ulcers. Though the salt is delicious, it’s fruit is effective for stomach ulcers. Protein, fat, calcium, rhuboid fever, niacin vitamin c also contain alkaloids called sola main. This is a nutritions vegetable. This herb based on eggplant category is used in samoolam ayurveda. Mai grown with many branches is growing at a height of four feet. The fruits have a bluish black color. Ripe fruits are edible.

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