The benefits of eating Gingelly daily

Eating gingelly is good for the health related problems. It is a good solution for deficiency of protein related diseases. It is having more lignine which will fight against the cancer. It is good to drink the milk with grinded gingelly by adding sugar to it. The arthritis can be solved with the use of it. It helps to prevent ulcer. Fry the gingelly and smash it. If the girls are eating one spoon of this one week before will helps to reduce the stomach pain during periods.

To improve the facial glow apply the paste of gingelly with amla and honey. For kids it is good to add in the food. The gingelly will helps to away from cough,intelligence and biliousness.

The body will get the strength and energy. It also helps to strengthen the nerves and to remove the wound. The gingelly will give glow and black colour for the hair.

To treat the throat problem also it is helpful.

It will control the blood sugar level.

The gingelly is having calcium and amino acids. Its good to eat gingelly for the good health.

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