Symptoms and Treatment of Jaundice


Hepatitis A and hepatitis E are found in the country through contaminated water and food items.

In general it is not serious. But if the liver’s health is affected by the disease, it is dangerous. Rejuvenation requires complete rest.

Hepatitis A defenses have vaccination. But there is no vaccine vaccine to prevent hepatitis e disease.

There is no need to take action to prevent it from being jaundiced. The best way is to resist antibiotics, hygiene, and cleanliness by water sources.

Take care to keep water sources unharmed. Hepar chlorination should be done in wells and public water reservoirs.

Do not construct a septic tank near the well. To prevent rainwater from the well, surround the well, the wells for the well, the water wells once in a year and cleaning the plastic tank regularly.

Personal concern is not to avoid jaundice. Before handing the food should be washed thoroughly. If the goat is on the toilet, hand should be washed clean with soap.

The water used for cooking and drinking should be boiled. More than 5 minutes of boiling water can damage the viruses that cause hepatitis A.

Fever, excessive fatigue, muscle and muscle pain, stomach pain, yellow eyes, appetites, nausea, vomiting and urination of the urine should be tested.

Do not compromise on fulfilling full rest. It is best to eat easily digestible food items. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of fresh water. Avoid drinking.

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