The ajwain is a medicine in village

The ajwain is a medicine in village

We should tell that the ajwain is a medicine in villages. This is known as cake cumin. It is used in bakery items. That’s why this name has come. It is having special taste and many health benefits. It is one of the good medicine for many diseases. Drinking this boiled water in the early morning with empty stomach will prevent many diseases. It will give many health benefits too.

The ajwain water is a remedy for gas and acidity. And also a medicine for diarrhoea,cholera and dysentery.

It is a medicine for skin diseases also. The thaimol in it will help for this. It is a main ingredient in tooth paste and mouth wash because it maintain the health of mouth and teeth.
The ajwain is good to mix with the turmeric and apply to the skin diseases.
The venum of animals bite can be treated with the grinded ajwain’s leaf in the affected body part.
The stomach related issues are solved by this. Drinking ajwain water is good for treating stomach pain in children. It strengthens the digestion.

Soak the ajwain and take same amount of dried ginger and add lemon essence to it. Make it dry and then grind it. The 2 gm of this powder and little of salt to it can relieve from the respiratory diseases. For treating cough also it is good. The steaming in ajwain water is good remedy for the asthma. The smashed ajwain can be used for runny nose.

  • It is good to keep under the pillow. In children it can be kept under the chin while sleeping by making the ajwain like a pack and can pin it in dress too.
  • To remove the cough it is good. For that the ajwain can be grinded and add with the butter,then eat.
  • To remove the cough the ajwain can be fried and make it as pack. This pack should be kept in chest will remove the secretions.

The tender leaf of it should be grinded and eat with the honey by adding into it for one week will treat the worm infection in the children.

To treat diarrhoea the dried ginger and ajwain in same amount add to the butter milk and drink.
The cough is relieved by eating ajwain,salt and cloves. The boiled water of thid mixture is good to prevent the throat infection.

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