If we walk before the sleep

If we walk before the sleep

One talk is there that we should walk after the dinner. That is we should walk after the dinner and then lie. Because most of them are going for bed or sit soon after the dinner. Mostly when the stomach is full more will be tired and will go to bed after the dinner. But all should know that we should walk after the dinner. It helps in digestion. It give some health benefits. This walk is giving more benefits to the body than the walk we do other times. Even if you are not having food also can go for one walk. It adds health benefits.Digestion.

The main benefits is it strengthen the digestion. Because the digestion will become slow in the evening. That’s why we are telling that ‘half stomach dinner.’ The walk will help for good digestion. It is a remedy for gas and acidity.


If the digestion is good at night, then the result will be good in the morning. For this the walk is helpful. Have the dinner at 8 and go for a walk. Then after 2 hours only go for bed. It helps to prevent the constipation.
Good way for good sleep.

It is a good way for getting good sleep. It repairs the damaged cells in the body at night. For that energy is required. While walking in the night it is producing. This energy is utilized by the body. By walking digestion will be good and helps for the good sleep. The digestive problems are disturbing our sleep With out our knowledge.

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