The beautiful valley tourist sport

The beautiful valley which is there from Badrinadh to Vasudhara waterfalls. Once we should visit there
It is known as the last village of the Bharat. It is situated 5 kms away from the Mana village. And we have to reach this place by walk. From Bhadrinadh about 10 kms. On the we could see the sudden appearance of the Saraswathi river from the earth and will disappear when it reaches 700meter in Kesav prayag.The Vyasa guva and Ganesh guha who were written Mahabharat is there in this village Mana.The travel to the Vasudhara may be dangerous because of the less oxygen. There won’t be snow during September -October month. Within 2 to 4 hours we can reach the Mana. The Vasudhara is situated in the mountains of the Narayana,Nara,Kubera and Neelakanda.

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