To avoid bad odour of the mouth

avoid bad odour of the mouth

The beauty of the teeth is a part of beauty of the body. The healthy smile will increase the beauty. That’s why the improper teeth is disturbing the sleep of many people. The self confidence will decrease because of improper alignment and the bad odour of the mouth. Some people will try to avoid speaking with others by thinking about the smell of mouth. Because of the gap between the teeth people will hide the beautiful smile too. But we can change the bad odour of the mouth and misalignment of the teeth. The bad odour in mouth is called ‘halitosis’. Some people will experience the bad odour themselves. Some will recognize by others explanation. Usually we will get smell in the morning after get up. This is occurring because of the less amount of saliva and it will reside in the mouth. If we brush properly this odour will go. The smell other than this is having many reasons. We can divide it into two that is the reasons from outside the body and the reasons from inside.
The reasons from outside the body.
Some type of foods like onion,cabbage,garlic etc.
The people should avoid eating this type of foods.
The reasons from inside.
1. The destroyed teeth and the food particle in that teeth.
2. The plaque that is the dirt in teeth.
4. The dirt in the tongue.
5. The uncleaned temporary dentures.
6. The permanent teeth which is not taking care properly and the accumulation of dirt.
The reasons outside the mouth.
1. The hungry for long time.
2. Some medications. (Phynothasayil,nitrate type medications.)
3. The respiratory problems, the cancer affects the respiratory organs.
4. The diseases which affects salivary glands.
5. Kidney diseases.
6. Liver diseases.
7.Digestive problems.
8. Diabetes.
9. Some psychiatric problems.
10. Halitophobia. The thinking of halitosis in the absence of it.
The methods to treat.

1. Avoid the foods which is creating smell.
2.smoking,alcoholism should be avoided.
3.make sure that the absence of gingivitis.
4.close the teeth which is having decay.
5 clean the gums and teeth every 6 months by a dentist if it is necessary.
6. Clean the tongue also along with the teeth everyday.
7. Remove the food particle with the flows.
8. Use mouth wash.
9. Make sure that there is no reasons from outside the mouth.

The tooth plaque.
The tooth calculus or plaque will affect both the youngsters and old age. It is occurring because of improper brushing. This plaque is giving space for the attachment of small microorganisms. After few days it will become hard. It changes to calculus which will appear in brown colour or light yellow colour. It is seen mainly inside part of the lower and visible teeth and the front of the upper portion of the molar teeth. Like this formed calculus will have many microorganisms and chemicals too. This all will be danger to gums. The gums will go down and there is a chance of getting gingivitis day by day. So better to do brushing twice a day. Be careful while brushing the inside part of the lower teeth and outside of the upper teeth. Do cleaning once in every 6 months by consulting a dentist.

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