The benefits of eating ginger groundnuts and honey in winter season

The winter season is always used to invite the diseases. It can cause dry hair and skin. We can tolerate it through the foods. We should be aware about the food including other things. The maintenance of proper diet will helps to solve some problems in winter season. The people used to have hot food in winter season and cold items in the summer season. We should select the food based on correct ratio. Include the foods which will increase the immunity power. The ginger is a good medicine for children and adults for eating. To act against the common cold and fever,ginger is having sufficient ability. Drink one cup of ginger tea in the morning in winter season. The ginger is good to make the digestion easy. And also for the acidity it is good.

The winter season is a time when there is a lack of oxygen. The groundnut is the best diet for this season because it is a good way for the oxygen. The honey in food will helps for digestion and health in winter season. To increase the immunity power also it is used. The almond is a good remedy for the constipation which will occur in winter season. For diabetes also it is helpful. In this vitamin E also present. So it helps for the good skin. The gingelly will provide heat for the body. The vegetables will balance the health of the body. It provides the energy to resist cold. We can include greens,carrot and beetroot in diet.

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